Judging Criteria

The Families Included Prize aims to reduce the social isolation of the parents, guardians and carers (families) with children, aged 0-5 years in Essex.

What we’re trying to achieve:

The successful 10 finalists will be those that best meet the judging criteria outlined below.

Criteria 1: INNOVATION

The entry should be new, adapted or repurposed products, solutions, services, systems and/or technologies.

What judges will be looking for:

  • Entries that demonstrate a new or adaptive way of solving the issue or introduce a completely new approach to solving the issue.
  • Or are significantly different from what is already available. New, aspirational, exciting, but practical.


Criteria 2: IMPACT

The entrant should demonstrate a real understanding of the situation that their entry is helping to address. We will also be considering the degree to which the idea contributes to reducing social isolation and loneliness among Essex-based families with young children (0-5 years) by providing them with opportunities that enrich their lives.

What judges will be looking for:

  • Does the entry demonstrate a meaningful understanding of the problem? Have Essex-based families, with a lived experience of the issue, been meaningful engaged and involved in the creation and/or, development of the entry?
  • Does it address specific needs and is it likely to make a real difference?
  • Evidence of testing ideas with Essex families
  • An understanding of how it fits with solutions that are already out there.


The entry is accessible and affordable to Essex-based families with young children aged 0-5 years regardless of income. Entrants should consider how families will access their solution and what the costs of doing so might be. Cost and accessibility should not be barriers to the families that the solution is designed to support.

What judges will be looking for:

  • Value for money
  • How the idea compare and compliments existing solutions


Entrants should be able to demonstrate how they will appropriately advertise to attract families, especially those who are less engaged with existing services.

What judges will be looking for:

  • A demonstrable understanding of who will benefit from their entry and how they can be reached.
  • A well thought out communications plan to reach a range of families, including those who are more difficult to reach.



Entrants should consider how their entry can be replicated and/or expanded within Essex to reach Essex-based families who could from the solution. They should be able to demonstrate how they will make their entry sustainable, so that it will continue beyond the life of the prize.

What judges will be looking for:

  • How easy would it be to replicate and/or grow?
  • Show how the idea will keep going beyond the life of the Prize.
  • Clear identification of who are the families who will benefit and participate in this solution and how they are going to be reached and engaged.