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Idea: Interactive Family Dance

Team: The Dance Network Association

Contact details:
E – gemma@dancenetwor…
T – 07940 374 717
T – 07561 267 332

Interactive Family Dance


Interactive Family Dance sets out to explore the impact that creative dance, paired with providing basic nutritional information can have, to address various health issues including childhood obesity, loneliness and isolation. We advise support and educate both young dancers and their parents/carers in a fun and non-patronising environment involving hourly dance sessions of physical activity. These sessions are followed by time for families to come together, talk, discuss, make friends and socialise over a cup of tea and healthy snacks. All of this will contribute to creating happier lives as we will be providing physical activity for 60 minutes per week for children and adults to improve their health. Through creative tasks, children will develop their motor and cognitive development. Both child and parents can develop social skills by being with other likeminded families and reducing social isolation.  

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