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Finalist: Moving on up together

Team: Home – Start Chelmsford

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Nicola O’Brien

Moving on up together


We are looking to reduce social isolation for families with pre-school children who are struggling with low self-esteem and confidence and currently do not have a network of support within the community. Many of the parents that we support struggle with low mood and poor mental health. This leaves them unable to make friends and engage in community activities. Moving on up Together is a weekly group for parents who are socially isolated and struggling with low self-esteem and mental health issues. A crèche will be provided by Home-Start volunteers. The session will be led by a co-ordinator and gives the opportunity for confidential group discussion around the issues parents are struggling with, dealing with anxiety and low mood. Group discussion will be coupled with a rolling programme of activities focussed around a holistic approach; including art therapy, relaxation techniques, exercise taster sessions, massage, mindfulness and healthy eating.  

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