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Finalist: Hug in a Box

Team: Healthy Living Solutions

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Hug in a Box


Hug-in-a-Box is for mums who may be lonely, socially isolated and possibly have the potential to develop post-natal depression. Hug in a Box provides unique support for a new parent. It’s bespoke, supporting individuals to cope, make positive changes and build their social networks. It includes a volunteer peer support worker (Buddy), 8 wellbeing workshops with a crèche, wellbeing goodies, resources and materials as well an online network and blog. The Hug-in-a-Box is an original idea – it is a box that contains items that can help a post-natal mum to feel physically and mentally better, including nutritious energy bar and water. There will be Top-Tips  postcards, with information about local activities, good nutrition and physical-activity. Mums will be accompanied by the Buddy to workshops such as Buggy Workout, Baby Massage, Social Baby and Baby Massage; plus confidence building sessions that will help to raise Mum’s self-esteem and confidence in her parenting. Mums will be introduced to each other and encouraged to form their own network using a Facebook page, WhatsApp or text groups, accompany each other to activities and helped to develop them if they don’t already exist.    

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