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Finalist: Mums and Families

Team: Claire Hawtree and Heather Collins

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Mums and Families


Helping mums and families adjust to the challenges of parenthood. Mums and Families UK is a non-profit organisation offering an innovative peer support programme to mums and families with children aged 0-5, addressing the issues of loneliness and isolation. Together with access to and support from professional services, Mums and Families UK provides ongoing group, one to one and virtual peer support to mums and their families across Essex. We are proud to be the only place that offers a unique and proven programme written, developed and delivered by our founder – Claire. Built on the premise that prevention can sometimes be the cure, Mums and Families UK delivers a unique and proven programme which reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation, together with improving self-esteem, practical parenting skills and raising awareness of the importance of social interaction and good quality peer support.

The Programme

Session 1 – Self-Care

Session 2 – Perinatal Mental Health / Emotional Wellbeing

Session 3 – Challenges and Changes to Relationship and Family Life

Session 4 – Improving Health and Lifestyle

Session 5 – Programme Graduation and Review


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